1937 Chevy Slantback Rat Fink "Big Daddy Roth for sale in Deer Lake, Washington


1937 Chevy Slant Back-Ed Roth $60,000 Loon Lake, WA
Rat Fink Chevrolet Chev
1937 Chevy Slant Back -Rare -Have heard only 500 made
Coach Builder
?Front suspension-Mustang 2 Rack & Pinion
?Steering - Tilt wheel, Power
?Chrome Upper & Lower Control Arms
?Chrome Calipers and Spindles
?Chrome GM Double Master Cylinder
?Chrome 4 Bar Link Coil over Suspension
?Rear end Chevy 10 bolt
?Wheels Center Line-Polished Aluminum
?Steel body/Glass fenders
?Stainless Grill
?Custom Bumpers (Chevy Emblems drilled in)
?Retractable License Plate
?Custom Mirrors
?Flush Gas Door
?Chevy 350 4 Bolt Main
?B&M Super Charger
?High Perf Cam
?Holly 700CFM Double Pumper
?Chrome Exhaust/Super Traps
?Transmission-Turbo 400 automatic
?Air Conditioning
?VDO gauges
?Vintage air Heater Climate Control
?Ron Francis Wiring,
?V-butted Windshield
?Overhead Panasonic Cockpit Stero System
?4 Way Power Windows
?Smoked Glass
?Custom Interior-Tan/Tweed
Special Features
?Keyless Entry
?Remote Windows
?Remote Doors
?Power Locks
?Airbags on front end
Exterior Paint
?Acrylic Lacquer Type Paint -- DDL-2756 -- Chevy Yellow-1975 GM Corvette Yellow -- Color Code C-56
?Blue & Pink Accent
Custom Painting
?2000 Custom Paining -Custom painting by Ed Roth
"The Rat Fink" on back of car is known to be the last painting before he passed away. This car is beautiful and rare!
?1999-9/12/1999 - Polk Associates, LLC, Clayton, CA $49,750 - Mileage at appraisal 42
?2006-4/24/2006 - Richard Ryder, Sacramento, CA $78,000/$76,500 - Mileage at appraisal 14,036
Built by Ransrods/Sacramento, CA
Magazine Stories
The car was in a couple of magazines:
2001June-Drive Magazine
2002-Sacramento StreetSceen Magazine
2010 August CruZin Magazine from the Spokane Auto Boat & Speed Show August 2010
2012-Spokesman Review-My Favorite Car
?1999-AutoRama, Sacramento, CA -- 1st Place
?2005- Third Annual SAC Town Show "N Shine-Sacramento, CA - Won First Place (6/17/2005 )
?2005-Cal Pine -- Jake Award
?2010-Spokane Auto Boat Speed Show -- won 3rd Place (3/13/2010)
The only down side to the cars is:
?The paint is acrylic and there are a few chips where the hood closes to the body. The paint is not cracking anywhere on the body.
?The nose cone under the front end has a dent, but you can't see it unless you put your head under the car.
?The underneath of the car is chrome and needs to be cleaned up better.
?The paint under the car has chipped away a little from driving.
?The license plate holder doesn't go down electronically anymore the motor burned out.
?There are no windshield wipers on the car.
?The bugs think it is a big flower.
1937 Chevy Slantback and in 2000, at Hot August nights in the parking lot of the Atlantis Casino my husband and myself had the experience of our lives, Ed "Big Daddy" Roth, waved us over at a car show. He told us he liked the Dolly Pardon heads lights and yellow was his favorite color (yellow is the color of the car). My husband's birthday had just passed and I asked him if he would paint a picture on the car for Danny's birthday. He told us he didn't have any paints but to come back the next day. With great excitement we went back the next day for our big adventure and true to his word "Big Daddy Roth" painted a Rat Fink holding a birthday cake on the back on the 37. We have been told this is the last painting "Big Daddy Roth" painted on a car before he passed away.
Last year a good friend of Roth's posted a picture a on Facebook showing him sitting studiously next to Roth as he painted my car. During this magically event, I carefully documented each picture in detail as Roth created his magic on the 37. Roth's wife, Ilene, was with him the day he painted my car and we sent her pictures for her museum in Utah. My husband has since passed away and I can imagine Roth and Danny having many hot rod discussions up in Heaven!
On one of the Pickers shows it showed Mike purchasing a motorcycle put together by Von Dutch and then given to Ed Roth and the title of the motorcycle was in the Ed Roth's name. My dream is to have the vehicle with Roth's painting placed in a museum where it can be viewed by the public and appreciated by those who would have an opportunity to view a an old classic car with an rare Roth painting.
If you know someone that may be interested in purchasing my car, I would ask that you share this information with them. Thank you kindly for taking the time to read my note, view the pictures, and possibly forwarding this information onto someone that may want a piece of history.
You can reach me at -Julie